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Basic Settings

Dial-up Settings
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Access Numbers
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Basic Settings

If you don't require detailed step-by-step instructions to configure your internet software to access Lanset, here are the settings you will need.

Internet Access Dialer

Access Numbers
Protocol: PPP
IP Address: Server assigned (
Hostname: Server assigned (if required, enter your Lanset username)
Domain name:
DNS (primary): Server assigned
DNS (secondary): Server assigned
Username: username (the case-sensitive username is required. Your username is your chosen Lanset username)
Password: Your Lanset password


Incoming mail (POP3) Server: (port 110)
Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server: (port 25)
POP Account (Eudora only):
E-mail Address:
Username: Your Lanset username
Password: Your Lanset password (same as dialup password)