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Advanced Popup Killer




Advanced Popup Killer

Download the latest version of advanced pop-up killer "Pop This!" for free, provided by

Pop This! is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-popup software product that can kill annoying popup windows automatically. The software is completely free, easy to install and easy to use. Pop This! was developed by Jim Mathies, an independent Windows software developer. Some key features of Pop This
  • It's free software
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight (a single file)
  • Does not include any spyware
  • Does not create annoying Windows tray icons or toolbars
  • Stops 99% of all popups
  • Support for site exclusions
  • Works within Internet Explorer, preventing popups before they load, and unload
  • Prevents browser window resizing and movement
  • Does not interfere with normal web surfing
  • Support for sound notifications
  • New in version 3.0 - Disables Windows Messenger pop-up ads
  • New in version 3.0 - pop-up protection improvements


Hot-Key: To temporarily disable Advanced Popup Killer and allow all pop-ups while you're on website, just hold Shift key from your keyboard.

To configure Pop This! select the "Pop This! Options..." menu under Internet Explorer's Tools menu

Enable Pop-Up Protection
Enabled or disables PopThis! pop-up protection. A master "power switch."

Load into Folder Views
Pop This! can optionally work in Windows Explorer views. Explorer views are commonly used for navigating through your local file system, but can also accept URLs to web sites. Most users do not surf the web using these windows, so by default Pop This! does not load into these windows. If however you do surf via these file windows, check the Load into Explorer options to add Pop This! protection.

In some cases on older Windows 98 systems, all browser views are actually Explorer views. If you experience trouble preventing pop-ups with Pop This! on Windows 98, enable this feature.

PreventJavaScript Resizing
Some web sites attempt to resize your browser windows. PopThis! prevents this activity by default. To allow web sites to resize browser windows, uncheck this feature.

Prevent JavaScript Repositioning
Some web sites attempt to reposition or full screen your browser windows. PopThis! prevents this activity by default. To allow web sites to reposition browser windows, uncheck this feature.

Page Load Timer
Displays the amount of time a page takes to fully load in the status bar text. A friend of mine, Dru, asked me to add this.

Pop-up Alert Sound
Check this feature to enable an audible alert when PopThis! prevents a pop-up, resize or reposition.

Friendly Site List Editor
The Friendly Site List is a list of web sites PopThis! should automatically disable for. To add a new web site to the friendly list, enter the web site's domain into the text entry to the left of the Insert button and press Insert. For example, to disable PopThis! protection for any web site served by Google enter "" into the text edit and press the Insert button. To delete a web site from the friendly list, select the domain entry in the domain list and press the Delete button.

The Statistics window entry shows the total number of malicious actions Pop This! has prevented since you installed the software.

How do I uninstall PopThis!?
Press Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down until you find the PopThis! entry, and select Uninstall. The PopThis! Install Shield wizard will walk you through the process of uninstalling PopThis!.